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Meet Happy Thoughts ::

The beauty of the sunrise over the glacier-capped mountainsThe sound of rain falling softly in the mossy rainforest. Whale watching with good friends from the shore as the tide laps over your toes. Belly laughing over campfire stories. Happy Thoughts can take you there—even when you don’t have time to get away.

This all-natural, happy scent is a custom blend of, uplifting lemongrass, woodsy cedarwood, medicinal eucalyptus and fresh rosemary essential oils that will fill your bathroom with aromatherapeutic benefits. You'll instantly escape to your happy place with this bright, cheerful, lemony scent.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend ::
Head Note: Lemongrass {Herbal} = Uplifting
Head Note: Eucalyptus {Medicinal} = Soothing
Heart Note: Rosemary {Fresh} = Relaxing
Soul Note: Cedarwood {Wood} = Relaxing

Turns Your Shower Into ::
Your Happy Place

Benefits ::
Cleansing •  Moisturizing • Uplifting 

Ingredients :: Olive Oil Infused with Annatto Seeds • Coconut Oil • Water • Sodium Hydroxide*  • Shea Butter • Castor Oil • Avocado Oil • Essential Oils • Kaolin Clay • Dried Flowers & Herbs

*None Remains After Saponification.

Size ::
6-7 oz Hand-Poured in the Mountains of Taos, NM

Directions ::
Wet • Lather • Rinse • Repeat • Please Don't Eat
Pro Tip: use a soap dish to extend the life of your soap.

For every order, a tree gets planted in our beautiful, National Parks!

Get Clean. Give Back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy P.
Sunshine In A Soap

As a fan of all the Hippy Candy soaps (lovely scents born from nature one and all), this is my favorite. It is truly sunshine and happy in a soap. It’s a gloomy mood buster or a spring-in-you-step shower therapy. Highly recommend!

Bought for the color; buying again for the fragrance

I can’t believe how amazing this smells. I bought Happy Thoughts and a lovely soap dish because of their respective colors. Never in a million years did I think soap could smell this amazing. I may shave this down for potpourri in every room. Soaking in the bath as I write this. I may not leave.