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Meet Wild Thing :: Getting Lost In Nature, Alpine Meadows & Magical Sunsets

Pristine forests and soaring mountain peaks. Alpine meadows with spectacular lakes. Soaring eagles and wild cougars. Wild Thing is infused with the spirit of all things wild and free—including you. Its crisp, wintry scent is an all-natural blend of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and patchouli essential oils. The minty aroma is ideal for opening the sinuses while you’re in the shower, helping you feel refreshed, awake, and ready to start your day, while undertones of lavender and patchouli melt away stress and create feelings of calm. Each bar is made with all natural, skin-loving ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin, and topped with dried rosemary and lavender flowers to delight your senses. Just close your eyes, lather up, and let your imagination run wild.

Transforming Your Senses Into ::
A Rocky Mountain Escape

Benefits ::
Refreshing • Moisturizing • Cleansing

Ways to Use ::
Hand Soap

Directions ::
Wet • Lather • Rinse • Repeat • Please Don't Eat
Use a soap dish to extend the life of your soap. Store in a cool dry, place.

Ingredients :: 
Olive Oil • Coconut Oil • Water • Sodium Hydroxide* • Shea Butter • Castor Oil • Avocado Oil • Kaolin Clay • Purple & Black Clays
*None Remains After Saponification. 

Essential Oil Blend ::
Lavender • Rosemary • Peppermint • Patchouli

Topped With ::
Lavender Flowers • Rose Petals • Blue Cornflowers 

Size ::
2 oz

Clean Ingredients • Vegan • Small Batch • Earth-Friendly • Gives Back

Stay Wild!

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