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Whether you want to give this as a gift, looking for the perfect travel soap or want to try all the scents to find your favorites - this soap sampler set is perfect for you!

These are the end pieces from a cut loaf of soap, so they are perfectly, unperfect. Every soap sliver will vary in size, shape and beauty*. 

*NOT ALL SOAP TOPS WILL BE DECORATIVE (photo for reference, only).

The soap sampler set includes these soaps ::
Day Dream :: Lavender • Grapefruit • Patchouli
Free Spirit :: Clary Sage • Tea Tree • Patchouli
Wild Thing :: Lavender • Rosemary • Peppermint • Patchouli
Taos Vibes :: Juniper Berry • Bergamot • Amyris
Trippy Hippie :: Patchouli • Orange • Clary Sage
Happy Thoughts :: Lemongrass • Cedarwood • Eucalyptus • Rosemary

You will also receive a soap saver with your purchase of the soap sample set. The soap saver is a natural way to get an invigorating scrub and lather. Replace plastic loofahs, once and for all, while utilizing every last bit of your natural soap.

Ways to Use ::
Hand Soap • Body Soap • Travel Soap

Ingredients :: 
Olive Oil • Coconut Oil • Water • Sodium Hydroxide* • Shea Butter • Castor Oil • Avocado Oil 
*None Remains After Saponification.

Size ::
Varies per set: approx. 4-5 oz Hand-Poured in the Mountains of Taos, NM

Directions ::
Wet • Lather • Rinse • Repeat • Please Don't Eat
Pro Tip: use a soap dish to extend the life of your soap. 

Get Clean. Give Back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amberlee Allee
Great quality and smells that last all day

I couldn’t decide on scent so I went for all the smells. First use, I loved the smell that filled my shower and how well the soap lathered and cleaned. The smell of the soap though was so refreshing and lasted all day! I loved it and will certainly be going back for more.

Becky Brusen
Fantastic gifts!!

I bought multiples of the sampler set and have been giving them to friends and family. Every single person has thanked me for introducing them to Hippie Candy and said they just love all of the soaps. The soap saver is awesome too!!

Rebecca Weliver
Sample Set

I love this, it is the perfect gift from Hippie Candy when you don't know which soap to send someone! With the soap saver these are also the ideal size for traveling.

Carla Urias


Brandon Strong

just got these in the mail today. i've been following on facebook for a few months and have been pretty excited to try them. i am the patchouli/road tripping/nature type... and for that reason, Hippie Candy caught my attention. seemed like the soap for me.
i tend to not be a big fan of minty scents so i was surprised by how much i do like Wild Thing and Holiday Cheer. very nice blends!
Free Spirit and Day Dream are my favourites, and Taos Vibes is nice as well.
i like them all so much, i'll probably just order another sample set again, so i can keep them all around for a while. ♡
definitely interested in trying Trippy Hippie and Happy Thoughts next time, too!
there are so many handmade soaps out there to try, so i don't typically order from the same company more than once unless i reeeeeally like the scents. i'm quite fond of these!